State Bar Court Dockets

Dockets for State Bar Court cases are available using the search feature below. (A docket is a summary, list or index of the proceedings or events in a case.)

Each docket displays information relating to the requested State Bar Court case, assuming the matter is public. Confidential matters are not listed on the court's dockets. Confidential matters include pre-filing activity on cases, as well as several case types designated as confidential by statute or rule.

NOTE: The information provided below is updated daily, but does not constitute the official record of the State Bar Court. If you are a party to a case and believe that the information displayed is incorrect, please contact the Case Administrator assigned to your case for clarification.

To search for a case, you can either use the attorney's name (Option 1) or enter the case number (Option 2):

1. Case Name Search

Enter the name of the attorney whose case you wish to view. The more characters you enter, the more accurate the search results will be.


2. Case Number Search

Enter the State Bar Court case number in the following format:

  • Case Year (2 digits)
  • Case Type (optional)
  • Case Number (up to 5 digits, leading zeros can be omitted).
    (e.g. 99-H-12345)